Handpan Experience / Lessons in person or via Zoom / Skype.

Just get in touch.

Handpan experience / lessons in my Newcastle based music room – £40 an hour (national MU rates) or 2 hours for a discounted rate of £70. concessions for unwaged etc just ask !

Djembe and Congas

Explore these wonderful instruments. They are fun, easy to learn, inexpensive and great to play with others.

Learn one to one or in small groups. Together we can explore basic strokes, polyrhythms, african traditional djembe, jamming fusion styles and much more.

Drums can be provided so no worries if you dont have one.

Learn to play the Tablas

Many people aspire to play these wonderful indian drums. Have you bought a set and then realised its bit harder to play them than you might have imagined? If thats you then its time to dust off ya tablas and get some proper lessons!

Don’t worry even if you dont own tablas – we can learn face to face in the traditional indian style, starting with learning “the bols” – the phonetics of tabla then learning the strokes then onwards…
i will teach you as i have been taught by indian/pakistani tabla masters here and in asia.

I’m happy to let let you use my spare set of tablas and can even help you a source a set of good quality drums of your own.


Beginners Handpan Lesson:

Easy to learn pattern for Handpan. Learn on the Ding and then move it around the pan. Start slow then speed it up. Happy Grooving!


Drumming is a simple and fun way to learn.

Through drumming we can encourage children and adults to develop new cognitive skills, to increase concentration, co-ordination, leadership and team building, communication as well as boosting group and individual listening skills. What better way to learn about other cultures?

And it’s a pretty good workout too!

Building confidence with the emphasis on learning, celebration and HAVING FUN!!

Perfect for lessons, festivals, breakfast and after school clubs.

Provides direct support and enforcement of:

  • Music Key Stage 1 & 2 : Exploring Sounds, duration, pulse, rhythm, pitch, rhythmic patterns, instruments, sound colours and performing together.
  • Music Key Stage 3 : Exploring Process, Improvisation, arrangements, acoustics and song.
  • Music Key Stage 2 and 3 : Citizenship, History and Geography as well as supporting the Humanities in general…


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